Grow Trails

Wer: Grow Trails (Zuzana & Josef)

Fokus: We want to
address challenges brought by AI, social media and the general information

Projektstart: 2023 (Batch #3)

Grow Trails
are treasure hunt games for teams (Schnitzeljagd) that focus on learning about
critical thinking and subsequent self-development.
Each game is an outdoors adventurous story in which players test their cognitive biases and reasoning, with the goal to promote skills needed in the current era of information overload.    

Players are navigated by a mobile app through the game; they find quests that must be fulfilled before the app tells them where to go next. At the end of the game, players get further tips that prompt them to practically implement what they learnt in the game.   

Grow Trails focus on teaching critical thinking, awareness of inner biases, impact of technology / social media on our reasoning, learning and wellbeing. 

Motivation für das Projekt:

Zuzka and Josef have always been fascinated to discover how humans can learn most effectively, so that it’s fun, inspiring and yet deeply relevant. How do we make good decisions and advance, in spite of all the little imperfections, biases and tricks that our minds play on us? Zuzka looked for answers in her Education studies at Cambridge, while Josef models rationality and population dynamics in his game theory research at Harvard. We both love the process of discovery; that exhilarating feeling when you realize that something you took for granted was actually false and you uncover the truth (or, at least, something closer to the truth). We believe that continuously challenging your opinions, learning and thinking critically is a key skill, especially in the era of information overload, social media and AI. No one is too old to learn, and we invite you to do so through playing outdoor games.